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Elon Musk Children’s Books – A Book Review

What is all this article and why am I writing this Elon Musk children’s book. Simple because I have a son who is very close to me, and also because I am passionate about space, and want to help future human beings evolve into space beings. This book is about private billionaire entrepreneur – innovator – serial entrepreneur – and philanthropist – founder and CEO of PayPal etc, but more importantly it is an educational reference book on how to develop yourself as a future space businessman, and how to achieve a goal you have set for yourself.

The Making of a Man (Book Review) by Elon Musk, was released in August 2021 and written by journalist Joshua Green. It was published as a hardcover with a forward by Oprah and a inside foreword by another well known celebrity, John Ratzenberger. This book contains a forward and a inside foreword by Carlos Cocaine, and a forward and inside back cover by actor Antonio Banderas. All these people had a hand in helping make the making of a man (elon musk net worth – $7.5 billion) a reality.

I believe we cannot take any risks when it comes to our futures and we must all be prepared for any eventuality and that includes preparing ourselves for the possibility of being a celebrity child of entrepreneur of billionaire. Justine Bateman writes a good book on this topic. She explains in a simple way what being a celebrity child means and why being an entrepreneur is so important. There is a lot to learn in this book.

There is a lot to learn from the net of ultra high net worth individuals who were able to achieve things even though they were at an early age and when they were still rather too young to be considered an “average kid.” Justine Bateman makes a very convincing argument for having kids at an early age to help prepare you for your future. This is especially true if you want to have an entrepreneurial future. Justine knows what she is talking about in terms of early life and how it helps one develop a business savvy to be a truly successful entrepreneur.

What was interesting to me was that Justine talks about some of the kids in school today who are very well known in the world of tech. She is very complimentary of their business acumen. She says that they both are great at what they do. She has a great example in the form of Peter Jobs who was not only a great computer genius, but he was also a business genius as well. He was not only a co-founder of Apple but he was also a product architect for them and a designer.

The whole book is really a great read especially for those who are very interested in leadership and mentoring. The kids really did grow up just like their famous father who is a computer genius, innovative computer hardware engineer and entrepreneur, just like I was as a young child with my first computer. One thing that you might like is that Justine Musk does not use her real name but identifies herself as female, which is rare in the world of tech. I think she would make a great adviser, coach or mentor and could even become her own version of Lin-Manuel Miranda, the famous playwright.

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