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How To Schedule Wedding And Bridal Shower Parties

Wedding parties are a special celebration typically held within a marriage, as an act of hospitality to those who have just attended the wedding ceremony, thus the title wedding party: the invited guests get together in a formal, social setting, for the first few days as a newly married couple, to celebrate and give each other the support and advice they need to make and build a life together. Wedding parties after wedding may vary, depending on the bride and groom’s preferences, financial resources, and other relevant factors. Some couples opt not to hold a wedding party after wedding and opt instead for a simple rehearsal dinner or cocktail party. This type of party can also be a time for the groom and the bride to get together and spend some quality time alone.

When planning a wedding party or other nuptials, the first thing that should come to mind is to pick out a motif or “theme” for the entire celebration. The theme can be anything that suits both the bride and the groom. For example, some couples choose to celebrate their nuptials around a particular sport or hobby. Others might prefer a certain type of cuisine, or a certain type of era. If money is tight, couples can celebrate without a theme. However, some people who are working on a budget, especially if there are only two people helping to plan the celebration, stick to having a theme or a particular motif, as it gives them a sense of order and reminds them that there is actually some purpose to the celebration, other than the fact that it is for a wedding.

Once the actual celebration is over, the best man and maid of honor need to plan some aspects of the post-ceremony events. One of the most common themes for wedding parties after wedding is dinner. Usually, the bride’s family will organize the dinner, with the assistance of friends and relatives, and serve it in a formal dining room. The bride’s family also often chooses to throw a kids-only children’s party to keep the children from running around and making a mess. In some cases, the family will choose to simply prepare the meal itself; in other cases, they will offer catering services.

Other popular wedding parties after wedding include bachelor parties for the future spouse and his friends. In most cases, these parties involve a night of drinking and possibly dancing, as well as some adult games and activities. It is common for future spouses to choose a different venue for his bachelor parties than the one for his wedding, so that his friends can also join in on the fun without worrying about drinking or doing drugs.

Some couples decide to celebrate their weddings at home, instead of going to a chapel or another venue. While this may be a cheaper alternative, it does not give either party the option of celebrating without an invite. It would be equally inappropriate for a new couple to invite their parents to their engagement party. Inviting the entire extended family will give everyone a chance to share in the joy of the happy occasion.

Bridal showers and rehearsal dinner parties are equally as important as wedding parties. Often, these two parties take place just as soon as the wedding is over. The bride’s parents may choose to hold a bridal shower, or her groom’s parents may choose to have a rehearsal dinner. In both cases, the guests will receive gifts and food to share during the parties, which should be arranged by the parents of the bride or groom.

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