Interesting Facts About Squirting Orgasm

Women, your G-spot is your erotic zone at the front of your vagina, and this spot is connected to your urethra. This is the reason why you feel the urge to pee whenever there is a pressure on your G-spot. This explains that women, same as men, can also ejaculate during sexual climax. Some says it’s just peeing, and some says it’s “squirting”, “gushing”, or “she-jaculation”.

Many women are still confused as to whether they squirted or just urinated because the two produce liquid. Women who squirt a lot during sexual intercourse may already know that urine is fluidly and warm when squirted, while, orgasm is milky white, heavy and thick.

But whatever it is, squirting is the most amazing, sensual, ecstatic, luscious, yummiest, satisfying feeling you will ever feel in your life. Some says it’s nasty, but some men find it more pleasuring when they see a woman squirts.

Did you know that not all women can regularly squirt? Let’s learn more about some interesting facts about squirting..


Fact 1 – Some can do it once in a lifetime, but never again.

This scenario is normal. Women who don’t squirt do not have to think that they are abnormal because they don’t. It is just that not all women climax or ejaculate equally. And most of the time, they are not so turned on or they can’t really reach their climax. Squirting orgasm may take some time, mostly 20 or more minutes, and sometimes, this can test how good a man is on the bedroom if he can make a woman squirt.

Fact 2 – Women can squirt of about half a cup in one sexual intercourse.

The amount of orgasm a woman can squirt in one sexual intercourse is about half a cup of liquid. So, it is typical that after sex there is a big wet spot on the bed if a woman can produce a lot. But again, it can be urine or an orgasm.


Fact 3 – Anal sex could make a woman quirt.

Another interesting fact is that anal sex can produce vast deal of sensation, thus, make women squirt. Many women say that anal sex makes them squirt, with or without combination of clit play. The orgasm feels like in the vagina but in the butt. But not all women are into this practice because not all men know how to do it the proper way. When a man rely himself on porno videos, he may find himself doing it wrong because these porno stars do a lot of preparation before digging into an anal sex. Just in case there’s a trouble doing it or it feels like the woman might be hurt in the process, it may be better to mount her on top of the man while exposing the clit so she could have a better control of the speed and depth of the penis coming through her butt. And don’t forget to lubricate.

Fact 4 – I can make a woman feel livelier.

Squirting can also make a woman feel livelier and wanted to be hugged after (depends on the woman), and oral sex can help a man achieve this. If a man already know where the G-spot and the Skene’s gland are located, it will be easier for him to make the woman squirt. The best way to do oral sex is to be in a position where the mouth and the hands are in easy access to the vagina.

Again, squirting orgasm has so many benefits, but not all women can squirt. On the other hand, just because a woman can’t squirt doesn’t mean she’s not normal. Don’t freak out because there are so many ways on how to make the most of your orgasm moment.